Goodness Comes in All Shapes & Sizes…

I’m constantly impressed by humans. A simple smile, a thoughtful conversation or receiving a small bundle in the mail makes me feel happy and free more than anything else. For every overwhelming thing in life, there is a small act of kindness that brings everything back into focus, creating the most wonderful balance.

I’m in a thoughtful mood after receiving a small package in the mail a few days ago from the beautiful, Mary-Kate Kasper. We both jumped at the chance to be on each others lists for the ‘pay it forward 2011: homemade gift edition’ which meant at one point during the year we would need to send one another something homemade. I was surely up for the task and was excited to see that MK was too.

Before I opened the envelope I felt the contents… I knew it would be something hand sewn but what could it be. I thought about the most lovely orange flowered purse that I had bought from her at the Mass Market way back in 2007 or something. I still cherish that purse and wish I had one for every season. But I had a feeling that it might have to do with baking it up in the kitchen… perhaps a new apron?

Indeed it was.  I opened the envelope to find the most vibrant of colors of green, blue and purple and all different textures, lace, cordorouy and cotton. Instantly, I fell in love and everything about it made me happy. The letter that was included sent my heart into a warm and fuzzy love and my day already felt complete. I couldn’t wait to put on my new apron and get busy in the kitchen later that day… such happiness was felt upon my first glimpses of it and even more as time went on since it came from such a sweet and lovely soul.

It’s funny how such a simple gesture can be felt SO much. There’s inspiration in every little thing that we do and when someone else reaches out and touches you it reminds you of all of life’s goodness. A human connection inspires the best in us when we let it… and I’m happy that MK took the time to inspire me. That is perhaps the best part of the pay it forward idea… no matter what it is, it’s a symbol for that greater feeling. The magic and power of connecting with another human being… 

I feel like we should try extend ourselves out to people everyday even if it’s just the simple act of having a conversation with a stranger.. there is great importance in reaching out to others because it builds an energy that cannot be replicated (both for the person initiating and the person receiving).  Same goes for taking time to do something for yourself every day.  You just never know what might happen when you put your energy out there and that’s a beautiful thing.

And I’ll tell ya what… as a declaration of love for all things, I’ll be proudly wearing this apron ALL around the house.. creating the most radiant warmth, especially on the grayest of days, for all to see… inside and out…you betcha friends!  So, go on.. write a letter and pop in in the mail… make a collage and leave it on a friends door frame… take the time to practice guitar or paint up a storm.  Whatever IT is just put your good energy out there and I guarantee it will return to you in some shape or form.. the Uni is a beautiful place after all…

p.s. – MK, I hope this inspires you to do all that you do because you have many gifts that MUST be explored… thank you so much for the time and energy you put into my gift! xo xo

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