Beyond Meaning…

“But seriously, if life has no meaning—” – Marx
“To say it has no meaning is not to say it has no value.” – Amanda
“But to say it’s all meaningless. Isn’t that a cop-out?” – Marx
“Maybe. But it seems to me that the real cop-out is to say that the universe has meaning but that we ‘mere mortals’ are incapable of ever knowing that meaning. Mystery is part of nature’s style, that’s all. It’s the Infinite Goof. It’s meaning that is of no meaning. That paradox is the key to the meaning of meaning. To look for meaning—or the lack of it—in things is a game played by beings of limited consciousness. Behind everything in life is a process that is beyond meaning. Not beyond understanding, mind you, but beyond meaning.” – Amanda
– Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

Hugging the mountain so closely…such a sight…

There’s nothing like rolling down the car windows to take in the smells of a freshly rain- coated forest.  On the way to our last waterfall of the day, the sun broke free of the heavy-intermittent rain clouds, and gracefully danced through the tree limbs and onto the pavement of the mountain road as we drove on hugging the mountainside.  The light danced on the windshield, blinding us for seconds at a time as we made our way up the windy road.

We felt the forests size as the sun illuminated them from behind, creating the most gorgeous and powerful silhouettes.  I did my best to capture the moment but nothing compares to the smell of evergreens, the sounds of plump rain drops falling and tree limbs creaking, the warmth of the sun and the crispness of the mountain air.  These are some of life’s greatest gifts…

Our last waterfall of the day… that lime green moss is incredible!

Where else would you want to be for all of time?
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