Words to Live by…

“For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel, looking, looking, breathlessly.” – don Juan

In the morning hours, on the porch of our little adobe house at Dream Acres Farm, MN (photos here)

Clarity washed over me on this day more than any other… I can’t forget this feeling no matter what gets in the way.  I’m excited for the future & making things happen!! GET PUMPED!!

About a month ago I found myself having a dynamite brunch one Sunday with Mr. Magnus at our favorite neighborhood breakfast joint.  Whenever we go there it isn’t just the delicious brunch that we love and are inspired by.. it’s the insightful and heartfelt conversation that comes from us sitting there.  I’ve had some of the best ideas and fully felt thoughts and feelings of the winter while sitting at Bakery Bar.  To me, it’s a bit of clarity in the grayness of winter.

Anyway, this particular morning I was talking of my recent farm interview at one of the local, organic CSA’s and how that although I hadn’t heard back yet I knew from my experience during the working farm interview that I would be offered the position.  That it would definitely be a top notch farm to work for and learn from I was still considering the other side of the equation which was farming with my dad and expanding the business that we started last summer.  Both opportunities had their pros and cons and I had a clearer purpose of my goals – I wanted more responsibility and I felt I was ready for it.  I also liked the idea of starting something from the ground up to really learn and absorb it… ultimately it would the harder of the two decisions and that is why I decided to do it – to head back east and to farm on Cape Cod.

from Mary’s Farm in Mohawk, NY, May 2009 (pictures here)

Portland is already established as an organic farming town who are eco-conscious and as self sustaining as they can be.  I want to bring these ways of life back east from all the places that I’ve been.  This whole journey, starting with my road trip in 09*, was to bring all the love, adventure, knowledge, lifestyles and bits of magic back to the place and the people that I love to make a difference and to inspire people that there are different ways of doing something and if you believe in it enough you can just do it.

So, as much as I do love Portland, I am leaving… and the best part is… Rory is coming with me.  I said to him that morning at breakfast that ultimately I’d love to go home and work the land with my dad but that it’d be a lot for just me to do… that I’d need another pair of hardworking hands.

I remember looking up and locking my eyes with his… and these words made there way out of his mouth, “Well, let’s do it.”

My heart stopped.

“Really?!”  Our eyes were still locked.

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

Where dandelions grow to be the size of baseballs… Gunnison State Park, Paonia, Colorado..

And for the rest of the day we more free than we  we had in a long time.  That moment carried on throughout the day and has not left us since.  Sure, decisions like that make you nervous as hell but as I remember someone telling me right before we left for our journey in 2009 that feeling nervous or anxious is a sign that you have made a good decision and positive change won’t be too far behind.  It’s just about getting your foot through that door.

It was awesome though to make that decision for ourselves and when you’re in that moment of clarity it’s funny how one decision can really lead to several others.  Rory even ended up buying a truck later that day (a really sweet 93 nissan) and it felt like the universe and our dreams were working hand in hand.. and it’s all because we just made the decision to do it.  We keep talking about the future and living the(our) dream (i.e. our own farm/community somewhere not too far from the ocean) so why not just live it.  The opportunity is there so let’s make it happen.  This experience will be the stepping stone from life now and where we want to be.

The Dream Acres Barn for theater, film screening, blacksmith work, living, etc.. (pictures here)

So, as you can sense we are pretty pumped about our decision to keep moving forward and see where it takes us.  We’re also excited about being closer to our families and friends (especially Rory who has been away from his family for two years… he misses his little sisters something fierce).  I’m flying back in about a week to get things started with my dad and Rory will follow my lead about a month and a half later when he drives the truck back east.

I can’t wait! Another Cape Cod summer where there will be lots of farming, beach swims, family and friends – it’s a beautiful thing.  We also have plans to build a tiny house or livable tree house in order to live more simply amongst the trees and to hone in/practice our carpentry skills.. we’ll see how it goes.  We just have to go in order to do it and that is the most important step.  Here’s to taking chances and living the life less ordinary

*For some reason all my blog posts from magnus powers translated over to this blog minus the photographs.. so I’ll be doing my best to eventually re-link them all over here.  It’ll take some time but it gives me a reason to go through the journey all over again.. ♥
I love all the pictures from our “Union Pacific” photoshoot in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado..
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  1. Danne says:

    i love this, you guys are great. i’m coming to visit 8,000 times this summer ❤

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