Our Little Ducksters..

Aw, I miss these little quack-ers!

Here they are, just a few weeks ago, taking one of their first swims in our claw-foot tub.  It was awesome to see them take their first, real, swimming strokes.  It’s amazing that instinctively they’re able to grow and become ducks with out the guidance of their mom and dad.  They just are and become.

These little ducksters just looove bits of fresh lettuce so I took the opportunity to let them test out their awesome diving techniques by throwing some in the water.  They’re also getting so big!  Just before I left on Wednesday they had already doubled in size since these photos (just taken less than a week before) and had tiny feathers coming in.  Oh, to be a little duckling…

Since I’ve left, Rory has taken over as “papa duck” and has definitely lived up to his lifelong title of “beast master.”  He is a wonder with all the birds at 2905 and ironically enough, recently finds most of his company amongst the birds and the bees, which is also the name of our new song that we recently finished recording…  it doesn’t get much better than that!  But as much as I miss these little guys I think I miss my chickmans even more (perhaps the best chickens ever!)..

Here are some photos of our little ducksters being oh-so cute..

p.s. Sometimes when the ducks feel sassy, or when Rory feels like it, they can be seen live streaming here.

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