Our Little Peepers…

The first of 13 is born in the incubator… hi peeper!

I apologize if the next few posts that I make are what I would call, a cuteness overload, but I just can’t help myself.  I just can’t get enough of their tiny little peeps, fluffy bodies, and curious nature.  I often make a pit stop every time I pass by just to watch them and to see how much they’ve grown.   Whenever I look in they all tilt their little heads and stare in wonder.  As soon as my fingers go in their box they follow them… as my dad taught me, it’s called “imprinting,” and it’s how we taught them to eat and drink.

I was more than excited when my dad decided to get a few dozen fertilized eggs, from the Cape Cod Organic Farm in West Barnstable, so we could hatch our own chicks this spring.  It reminded me of my childhood and the excitement I felt each year when my dad would incubate our chickens eggs and we’d watch them hatch.  How we’d keep them in a tote in the house until they were old enough to live in the hen house.  I remember feeding them in the mornings before I even had my own breakfast.  I loved watching them and taking care of them.. I remember it filling me with a great sense of pride and responsibility.  Time definitely hasn’t changed that at all…

For the past few years, we’ve had the same 8 hens and are looking to integrate a few more into our little homestead.  We were told that they were Red Star hens but they have come in all different shapes and sizes (buff, black, striped and golden).  I’m thinking I’ll have to check back in with the farm to see what breeds the roosters might have been.  In any case, it will be interesting to see what they grow up to be…  Today, we made up a simple little wired cage outside so they had their first experience scratching in the dirt and hanging out beneath the glorious sun (instead of their comfy, cozy heating lamp!)  It was lovely to sit and watch them in all their wide eyed wonder.  Now, I guess it’s time for names.  Reminder: cuteness overload below….

Had to include this little video so you could hear their little peeps…
Two days later and they start to come one by one…
Curious little peeps…
Sleep, wake your neighbor, scuddle about and repeat…
They have all fallen prey to the warming lamp & sleep…
The classic chickie head bob and right into the feeder (it happens way more than you’d think!)
Passsssssed Ouuuuuuut…. with the leg and everything… haha
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