Lost & Found Kitties…

For the past month or so my family had been seeing a big, gray cat in our yard.  For a few weeks she was even hanging around our chicken coop and we didn’t know why.  My dad started to wonder if she had made a home in our yard somewhere.  So, one fine morning last weekend, when I came across two little kittens living beneath one of our rototillers in the yard, our question had been answered.  But it had been a few days since we had seen the mother.  Were there only two?  The tiny black striped kitty approached us looking for love.  I picked her up and (s)he was stuck on me like glue.  The little gray kitty was a bit more apprehensive about being taken in but after I lured her(him) out and picked ’em up, (s)he too was purring and stuck to me like velcro.

Hungry and thirsty little kitties…

I heated up some milk thinking that their bellies were mightily hungry and they quickly lapped it up.  A little bit later my dad ran down to the pet store to pick up some wet food and they ate it all in a heartbeat.  I wasn’t sure what to do next so I gave Siobhan a shout to get the information about NESAA so the kitties would have a safe and healthy place to go.  But after a little visit from my sister Steph, she decided she’d like to keep them for the weekend and potentially for all of time.

I kept thinking they could be happy farm cats, and I could keep them, but I knew it wasn’t the best idea.  Although they were as sweet as could be and needed a new home, I knew that my open living plans right now in my life were reason enough not to take them in.  At this point I’m never sure where each year will bring me, never mind 6 months from now, so it wouldn’t be fair to an animal to be moving about while figuring it all out.  So, for now they have a great home and if they end up heading to NESAA later this week I know they will go to a wonderful, loving home from there as well… and that makes me really happy.

Drink it up!

They have ocean colored eyes… c’est beau..

Such a sweet kittie.. just in need of a little bit of love ♥

If that isn’t a guilty face, I don’t know what is… ha ha
Comfy much?  Amazing!  p.s. they are BOTH there in my arms.. so teeny tiny!
A little handful of love (my favorite kind)…
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