Gettin’ My Farm On (East Coast Style)…

Blue skies, sunshine and mixed days of rain make for darn good planting weather… oh, how I long for summer..

In the past month we’ve been busy, busy, busy planting and seeding a lot into the ground… spinach, swiss chard, potatoes, onions, carrots, beets, green beans, peas & dahlias all into our 4 gardens.  We’ve spent a lot of time working the soil by composting, tilling in the winter rye and amending it with epsom salts, green sand and a few other organic fertilizers.  As some of you may have read, we picked up a few loads of marsh hay that we will be mulching the squash with and will rototill it back into the earth next fall.

We also spent a few days working the soil at our newest garden just over the Marstons Mills line into Sandwich.  The garden itself hasn’t been worked in a few years but the good thing is that it has always been planted organically.  A few weeks ago we did a pass with the rototiller to break up the heavier plant material and headed back there this past week to hit it again.  One early evening we spent a few hours removing young trees, honey suckles and a few wild blackberry bushes to make room for veggies galore.. it also didn’t hurt that it added about 30 additional feet to the length of the garden.

A cold frame full of flowers & veggies, oh my!

Not too many pests yet but we’ve encountered some really thirsty sugar ants and some ravenous cut worms  which made us realize, that although we wish it were so, all our babies cannot flourish (a few have been taken down), so, we are just doing our best to stay on top of things with a little hands in the dirt pest control.

What’s next?  Well, hopefully, in the next few days our kale, collards & broccoli will all be going into the ground.  For the past 4-5 days we had/are continuing to have some crazy storm front with 40 mph winds that deterred me from setting our babies free to the destruction of the wind.  But the weather is looking up and I know they will be out in no time.

What funny weather we’ve been having the past few weeks… blue skies, sun, dark clouds, rain & repeat..

In other encouraging news our pepper, eggplant & tomato seedlings are all doing really well and we can’t believe how much they’ve grown this spring (our tomatoes are almost 2 feet tall already…)!   It’s quite amazing and I can’t wait to eat them all this summer!

Other than that things seem to be moving along smoothly as we make our way through May.  We’re both learning a lot and meeting new people along the way who are very willing to help out in any way, shape or form, which is really awesome.  Above all, our hopes are high as we look forward to the season and all that it will bring… my hands are dirty and I’m ready for more (and when it happens I have to remind myself that I ASKED FOR IT)!

12 rows of taters, 3 types of fingerlings, yukons & pontiacs…
Dad illustrating the proper and easy way to cover your taters… “bring it ahead and bring it back”
Spinach, Bright Lights Chard, Bull Blood & Golden Beets, Sugarsnax & Tendersweet Carrots…
The almighty “agribon” more like “AGRIvating”.. ha ha
Sure does look neat though… when the wind isn’t blowing it away and squashing all the baby plants!
After a nice, long, hard day, enjoying a handful of these guys every night with dinner is mm mm mm!
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