A Bountiful Blueberry Harvest…

Ahh, the richness of summer and all it has to offer.  I have to be honest, I’ve been waking up with blue lips in the morning and now you know why (it’s that time of the year I suppose).

It’s truly a labor of love, spending the last sun filled hours in the day, out in the blueberry patch, picking away.  There is much to walk away with though after a bountiful blueberry harvest (and during as I usually pick a few and eat even a few more).

Mmmm, our kitchen smells of freshly made jam and blueberry pie lately and I honestly can’t think of anything better.  I have to say that, I like you summer, and the harvest that you so graciously bestow upon us.  Stay for a while, will ya?  And I promise to wake up everyday feeling blessed for all the sun rich goodies that we have before us.

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