Hazy Day…

Is this just a dream… or am I fully awake?  The moment before my eyes actually open, in that gray matter of seeing, I see this.  Sparkling red, green, purple, yellow, brown, pink.  I suppose it’s that time of the year.  When the glorious summer bounty is on high and we are thrown into dedicated servitude of the once small and delicate seeds that were sprouted, all those months ago, on a chilly winter morning.  These are the days I dream about all winter long.  For the taste, feel & sensation of a warm, ripe, juicy <insert fresh vegetable here>.

I’m faster in the summer months.  I suppose I have to be.  Still taking my time but making sure everything gets done, one day at a time.  Greet the day and eat breakfast, check.  Feed my chickies & gather up the eggs, check.  Harvest & wash veggies, check.  Think about second breakfast, check. 

the best kind of farmer breakfast.. (farm fresh eggs, veggies, roasted fingerlings & toast w/homemade blueberry jam)

Set up the stand & meet the people who make my day turn to gold, check.  Take it all down & unload, check.  Finish my day off in the fields getting my hands dirty & reflecting on the day, success.  Oh, and make a mighty fine dinner fresh from the garden.  And if I’m feeling oh-so-inspired a baked good or too for good measure. 

The life of a farmer is one that continuously brings hope and inspiration.  Whether it be the miracle of life and creating food, meeting the people who support your efforts & inspire you with their own, or finishing the day with a smile on your face & fresh food in your belly, I just love getting my hands dirty. 

If only I could stay up all night long & lose myself to this view…

Speaking of dirt… I never have a moment to take a shower during the day.  It seems pretty silly any way, since, I wake up and hit the field in the wee hours only to return after I close up the farm stand in the early evening.  Sometimes I can get away with it but most of the time I find myself taking an outdoor shower beneath the star lit summer sky.  Last night was no exception.  My mom had commented on how dirty my feet were so, luckily, after dinner, our power finally came back on and I was able to venture outside with my towel to take a warm refreshing shower.  When I looked up past the steam I saw every star in the crispy clear sky twinkling back at me.  Not only did I see one beautiful shooting star but I saw another shortly after.  It’s amazing how just a few days before I was out in this very same shower amidst a vision of dancing trees.  Scraping, cracking and moaning all the day long. 

These shooting stars reminded me of all the things worth hoping and dreaming towards.  That there is always brilliance and light and energy worth emitting and pursuing.  And at the same time it grounded me.  Grounded me with possibility, love & gratefulness… 

Little reminders are always there.  If you’re feeling stuck, lost, tired or weighed down just remember that sometimes all you have to do is take a deep breath and look up at the stars.  Despite what obstacles may arise you’re life is always worth living.. so live it & be it because at the end of the day that’s all there is.

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