It’s living, you know.

Mr. Buster English from Fort Greene, Brooklyn. (click)

“Lot of people I know use miracle grow and fertilizers and whatever.  I don’t use none of that.  I like for my plant to grow natural.  I figure if the dirt and the rain don’t grow it it’s not meant.


“Trees are a little bit more stoic about their approach to life, I think.  than we are… that we worry about these things.  I mean, that’s why I was saying.. rather than personify a tree it’s more about like what aspect of the trees in us?  It’s much more fundamental than worrying about eternity.  It’s living, you know.  And I think that that’s a great lesson.”


“You do only get one shot at this life.  So why not incorporate it in a way that’s not only fun but, also make it a voyage, make it an adventure, for us, for our crew, for friends.  It’s something beautiful more than anything. “


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One Response to It’s living, you know.

  1. sheila says:

    True that Buster English! Will you be my friend?

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