The Agrarian Renaissance

Meet Farmstead Meatsmith…

(click on the video so you can watch it in full size)

“We are your local butcher.  We hold history and tradition in the highest reverence.  We believe in methods, that are infinitely replicable, by generations of practice.  We process animals with our hands and offer our gratitude to the sacrifice of their lives.  We believe that slaughter is a gift of plenty to be celebrated and shared.  We believe that food cookery is inseparable from sound slaughter practices and that every part of an animal is delicious.  We believe in the power of aesthetics, that beauty is the most potent tool in the lexicon of inspiration.   And we believe in the powers of camaraderie, community, and solidarity.”

Keep it up friends.  You are making the kind of difference that inspires many generations.  It certainly gets me pumped about my tiny little contribution to the agrarian renaissance happening and I’m proud to be a part of it.  It’s that kind of reminder the feeds every part of us.  So, thank you again for doing what you do (and doing it really well). 

Check out and get inspired by what they’re up to at, & their media counterpart,

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