a pocket full of rocks.

I couldn’t take my eyes off the sky.   Tempestuous winter clouds stretching far across the lonesome shoreline.    The north bound breeze began to lead the clouds in a dance, across the wintery sky, where they became wispy and broke free to reveal the blue expanse beneath.  As I watched the change of  shapes, colors and textures happening above me –      e v e r y  p a s s i n g  m i n u t e – I was entranced. 

I was reminded to slow down.  To stop and see the colors below my feet.  To pick up a rock, to say a blessing and to toss that rock right along with the breeze into the salty seas.  To let go of the things I’m ready to let go of.  To take the time to take time because it’s the only time I’ve got.  And life is just too good to sit back and wait for something to happen.  You have to make it happen.  You just have to do it.

Sometimes, a pocketful of rocks, a canopy of ever changing clouds, the touch of wintery sunshine and the rippling tide rolling in, can be enough to change your perspective (one in which you’ve been struggling with for a lifetime).  To begin a conversation with yourself that you’re finally ready to have.  And it feels good.  Really f***ing good. 

And in the distance the clouds part – blue skies and billowy white clouds to the west and pockets of glorious sunshine and golden sand to the east.  Reminding me that this too will change but change is hopeful and hopeful is full of endless possibilities.

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1 Response to a pocket full of rocks.

  1. par par says:

    one of your best posts yet….. and…. rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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