a note from mom.

the littlest reminders mean the most (october 1, 2007)

Hi Jess,

As each day passes and you bring who you are to your new surroundings and you will feel more attached.  I hope when you come back that you will bring more of your things there, so you will look around and see yourself as part of the environment.  Even cleaning the bathroom or hanging up one of your photos will play a role in that.  Enjoy your experience, invite others to share it, but don’t let your experience depend on whether others want to join you or not.  You have an opportunity to see what it’s like to live somewhere new.  Maybe you will like it or maybe not.  Probably you will find a little of both, no place is perfect. 

As I rode through Vermont I noticed it was beautiful in its own way, but I live in a place that I consider beautiful too.  I grew up in a city, so now I can appreciate that living experience and the one I have now.  I prefer the Cape, but that doesn’t mean you have to.  

I will return with a map of Montreal in hand so I can feel more comfortable next time, and with a little more time so I won’t be concerned about the long trip home.  Take it one step at a time.  Change is always uncomfortable, but exciting at the same time. 

Love you,


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