first day of spring.

all over the world we welcome you, dear friend, with open arms and open hearts.

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2 Responses to first day of spring.

  1. Jess, Thank you for the beautiful reminder and the words welcoming our dear friend, Spring. We will miss your farm stand this summer. It was so nice to have organic fresh grown veggies right there to buy on my way home. Loved it! Where are you now? Love and Blessings, Patricia
    Patricia Conte-Nelson

    • damedefleur says:

      Hi Patricia! I’m actually back on the Cape for the time being after spending the winter in Uganda! Will be updating more about my travels, life and all that good stuff with the start of Spring. Winter can sometimes be a place of hibernation (especially for a farmer).

      I hope you are doing really well. I miss being greeted by your lovely spirit week to week but know that I carry it with me! My best to you and yours… Jess

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